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Underdog Plaza

Underdog Plaza is the story of boxer Dierry Jean’s immigrant dream and his struggle to overcome the personal and social obstacles in his path while he fights to become world champion. It begins with him on course to fulfill his vision, a uniquely Canadian ambition, which will test the limits of his body and mind. With the help of his trainer Mike Moffa, his ‘grandpapa’ Andral and close friend, roommate and fellow boxer, Ahmad, the documentary follows Dierry’s rise as a boxer and growth as man. During the course of this journey, he must fight his own poverty, provide for his family, become a role model to young Haitians - and remain keeper of all guarantees he made to himself.

Montreal Gazette
Montreal Mirror

Written & Directed by: Evan Beloff
Produced by: Evan Beloff / Ontic Media
Broadcaster: OMNI Television

Ontic Media
t. 514.690.6099


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