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Tracy's Angel (working title)
In association with SLV Films

Tracy’s Angel is the tragic story of Sandra Cantu and her family's heart-wrenching journey toward faith and forgiveness after the brutal murder of their youngest daughter. For the first time, this access documentary offers entry into the emotional drama that continues to tear away at Sandra’s single mother Maria Chavez and her struggle to find meaning just 18 months later. At the core of the film is the intimate exploration of the healing power of a shattered family. Is it possible for Sandra’s family to forgive the woman who permanently damaged their lives? Convicted murderer Melissa Huckaby’s trial resulted in a death sentence commuted to life in prison without parole. How have her parents emerged from this harrowing ordeal? Tracy’s Angel explores the parallel stories of a family and its community’s shared journey toward forgiveness and redemption – while a second struggles to live with the shame of a murderer.

Director: Evan Beloff
Producer: Gregory Kuiper

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