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Once a Nazi

Once a Nazi is Adalbert Lallier’s tragic story, a man trying to come to terms with his connection to the most infamous group of mass murderers of the twentieth century. Today Lallier is wrestling with the demons in his soul; while simultaneously trying to solicit forgiveness from his ‘adopted’ country in society that is both repelled and fascinated by his alleged complicity.
During WW2, as a young man and member of the Waffen SS, Lallier witnessed the cold blooded murder of seven concentration camp prisoners and did nothing about it. Fifty five years later his conscience will not let him go. He presses a war crimes charge against the murderer, his general Julius Viel. Germans ask why he bothers and distrust his claims of relieving his conscience. Viel is found guilty but Germans’ say he’s protecting himself. In Canada most everyone says, “no matter, he’s just a Nazi, undeserving of our understanding”. It is a dilemma that speaks to the heart of human forgiveness and the timeless struggle of violence and war.

Directors: Frederic Bohbot / Evan Beloff
Produced by: Bunbury Films / Ontic Media
Broadcasters: Canal D, the Documentary Channel

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