Evan was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. A talented hockey player and writer throughout his formative years, Evan began his drama and film career while attending Concordia University in Montreal. During his senior year Evan started writing and producing plays and short films and upon graduation began working as a writer / researcher for IMAX documentary producer Pietro Serapiglia. After co-founding his first production company in 1999, Evan created his second film company Ontic Media during the winter of 2005.
In the last decade Evan has written, directed and produced many popular and acclaimed films including:
Too Colourful for the League: A History of Blacks in Hockey (CBC, 1999) Gemini nominated
Schmelvis, Searching for the King's Jewish Roots (Bravo, 2000)
Irving Layton, A Red Carpet for the Sun (CBC, 2001)
Women Warriors (CBC, Radio Canada, TV series/website, 2002-04)
Being Osama (CBC, 2004)
Winter Wonderland: The Making of the Ice Hotel (Global, 2005)
The Legend of Memphre (Space, 2005)
Once a Nazi.../Nazi un Jour: (Canal D, Documentary Channel, 2006)
Bigfoot's Reflection (Space, 2007)
Leaving the Fold / Quitter le Bercail (Radio Canada, Documentary Channel, 2008)
Rosebud: Burning Water (CBC, 2009)
Underdog Plaza (OMNI TV, 2009)

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