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Working with some of the best talent in the industry, Ontic Media has the creative experience, skill and professionalism to make it happen.


Over 20 years of connecting and working with international media and broadcasters to reach audiences through creative technology.
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Our documentaries cover everything from religion to war to sports to big hairy monsters.
They're eclectic, thought provoking and eye opening

Kosher Love (2017)

What's love go to do with it anyway?

Underdog Rises (2015)

Everyone loves a comeback story

Underdog Plaza (2011)

Sometimes in life you have to fight

Bigfoot's Reflection (2007)

If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you

Once a Nazi... / Nazi un jour...(2006)

A man haunted by his connection to mass murderers .


The God-fearing, gospel-singing American pop icon was Jewish!

The Disappearance of Sandra Cantu...(2015)

An intense crime documentary .

Heavy Metal Revisited

How it all began and where it's going.


In philosophy ontic is physical, real or factual existence.
It describes what is there, as opposed to the nature or properties of that being.

  • The Beginnings

    A native Montrealer, Evan completed a double major in play writing and theatre from Concordia University before pursuing a career in the dramatic arts.


  • The Calling

    While writing and producing plays in Montreal's underground Anglo theatre scene, he also began apprenticing with renowned IMAX producer Pietro Serapiglia. Acquiring a taste for non-fiction, personal stories,  Evan decided to pursue a career in film and documentary.
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    Part writer. Part director. Part entrepreneur and part geek, he founded the film-house Ontic Media in 2005, a production and HD video content company that creates and provides innovative documentaries, visual legacies, archives and profiles for broadcasters, organizations, individuals and private companies.
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    The goal is to capture and explore people and their worlds and all the passion, complexity and joy that encompass them...
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And the winner is….


Gemini nomination for best sports documentary- Too Colourful for the league: a history of Black hockey players


JI Segal Award, Canadian Jewish-themed film of the year - "Once a Nazi"


Canadian Screen Award nomination-Best Documentary - Kosher Love


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